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New bottle of Finlandia Vodka

Since 1970, when Finlandia Vodka was first launched under its name, we have been collaborating on the packaging with the best Finnish designers and trying to capture the essence of our vodka. 60% of it consists of water from ten thousand year old glaciers, which is crystal clear. Water and ice is an endless story. It was started by Tapio Wirkkala with molded glass that glittered like icicles, continued by Hansen Associates Inc. with the so-called forged ice and their idea was developed by designers Harri Koskinen and Wallace Church, who portrayed the surface of the bottle as melting ice. The ice changes its shape constantly and the new bottle captures this moment and at the same time informs about its contents - the leader of the ice.


Brown & Forman




Nowember 2011


2 days